"Great course, great instructors"  J. Osteen
"This was an enjoyable experience. I think anyone who rides should take the class no matter your experience."  S. Stevenson
"I've been riding dirt bikes all my life, but after completing this course I learned a lot of new skills..."  S. Zehm
"The instructors were professional, and their interactions were friendly which helped make learning easier"  Unanimous
"This class was perfect!!!"  E. Torrez
"Instructors were kind and approachable."  A. Krueger
"The instructors were excellent.  I would not change anything they do. I learned a lot in this class."  M. Straub
"Excellent course. The instructors are knowledgeable, interested in the course, and dedicated to teaching motorcycle skills and safety. They are passionate about motorcycles."  J Sprague
"Keep up the good work!"  B. Penrose
"This course helped me with years of bad habits!  Great school & staff."  Unanimous
"Excellent course. Definitely raised my awareness and how I can be a safer and more confident rider."  M. Morgan
"Great class and I had a good time learning."  T. Berryhill
"Thanks to all the instructors and the staff at Sierra College for making this class available...Changed some bad habits!"   D. Reuter
"I am so grateful for your guidance in this class. I learned so much and really am interested in expanding my skills and safety beyond just this class. I feel confident that I have the basic foundation and ready to practice perfecting that. I hope you all are proud of the skills you teach and how far you have guided our class in such a short time. Thank you again!"  R. Shackelford